Note on Drawings

Gregor von Bochmann produced many drawings, mainly pen drawings but also pen, brush, charcoal and even paper cutouts. There are also many sketch books that contain many sketches and also some finished drawings. Most of these things remained in family ownership.

A good number of these drawings have already been included in the work catalogue since its inception in 1999. They have numbers between B0001 and B1300. In this new version of 2018, a large number of additional drawings have been included with numbers above B5000. All these additional drawings can be consulted by looking at the following groups. Note, however, that not all these drawings are included in the work catalogue - the very sketchy drawings are excluded, especially those in the sketch books (they can NOT be found by using the search functions of the catalogue, but only by looking explicitly at one of the groups below). There are the following groups:

Note: The pages from the sketch books are shown in their full size. The drawings from the collections are shown in a cropped format which is more pleasing to look at. However, a full size view of most of these drawings can be obtained by clicking on the link which is shown at the bottom of the large view of the drawing. For some drawings in the collections, the piece of paper has a drawing on both sides - to see the other side of the paper, there is another link that can be followed.