Help for selecting paintings in the work catalogue (only available in English)

This new version of the work catalogue uses a database which allows a variety of search methods (see below).

The result of a search is a list of painting which are shown as small photos with basic information about database number, title, photo reference, technique, size, year (if this information is available), and possibly a comment and the owner, if the latter is a museum or similar.

If one clicks on one of the photos in the displayed list, this painting will show up on a larger scale, together with the baic information (see above), plus additional information (if available) about when and where it was sold, whether it was shown in exhibitions or mentioned in the literature, and other things. This large display contains two buttons "<" and ">" which allow to go to the previous or next painting in the list.

The following search methods are provided:

  1. Selected by category: Each painting is classified into one of the categories shown in the pull-down menu. Only paintings belonging to the selected catagory will be contained in the resultig list.
  2. Selected by technique: Those painting are selected which contain the word chosen by the pull-down menu, at the beginning of the field that specifies the technique of the painting. Paintings that have no information about their technique cannot be selected, nor a few other paintings using other techniques.
  3. Selected by keyword in title: The user can enter a work here, and those paintings will be selected that contain this word within their title.
  4. Dated paintings only: If this option is selected, only dated paintings will be selected. And they will be ordered, within the displayed list, in the order of the year.
  5. Selected by keywords: Each painting is associated with a certain number of keywords, and only those paintings will be selected that are associated with all those keywords selected by the user. The keywords associated with a painting correspond to what can be seen on the painting. A fixed set of keywords has been adopted.
    • The first three keywords correspond to the groups of categories (countryside, by the sea, individual). Each painting is associated with exactly one of these keywords.
    • The keywords "landscape" through "sheep" also correspond to categories. For instance, a paiting belonging to the category "horses and people" will be associated with the keywords "horse" and "people", among others.
    • The remaining keywords represent other subjects that also appear relatively frequently on the paintings by Bochmann.

It is important to note that the paintings shown in the search result list will have to satisfy ALL selection conditions (1) through (5) above.

If you have any further questions, please send an e-mail to Gregor v. Bochmann (address:

Gregor v. Bochmann,  Dec. 2016