Bochmann's paintings on the Dutch coast

The subjects of most Bochmann paitings are the countryside in Estonia or the Dutch coast. A comment in the phote archive of the Paffrath Gallery in Düsseldorf says: "Bochmann's trip to Holland (1874), undertaken together with Seibels, had no impact on his subsequent creations. The estonian influence domibates until the end of the 1880s. However, he could not resist the general trend towards Holland, in spite of his well-established works of Estonia. "

The painting tradition on the Dutch coast was documented for the location of Scheveningen on a few web pages. Bochmann's paintings at Scheveningen are shown here.

During the years around 1900, Bochmann came regularly during the summer for a few weeks to the Dutch coast, especially to Katwijk. Paintings from Katwijk are easily recognizable by the special shape of the church (see the photo below) or by the letter K on the sail of a boat. Here is a collection of such paintings.

The paintings from Scheveningen can sometimes be recognized by the title, or one can find the typical steeple of the Old Church (Oode Kerk - see painting by Jan ten Compe, 1751 and the painting by Samuel Verveer, around 1850). Here is a collection of such paintings.

B0286 - Foto: F1-2005
Kirche in Katwijk **
Aquarell, 24 x 31
A0020 - Foto: F-toennu
Scheveningen, Bild von Jan ten Compe, 1751
A0021 - Foto: F-toennu
Scheveningen, Bild von Samuel Verveer, etwa 1850